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  Sony E > Nikon Z - AF адаптер от Techart
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Techart TZE-01 Sony E - Nikon Z AF adapter

phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

The new Sony E – Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter is the latest groundbreaking product brought by Techart. We take advantage of the 2mm difference in flange distance between Sony E and Nikon Z mount and developed an ultra-thin adapter to convert the lenses in Sony E mount into Nikon Z. Techart also manage to incorporate a CPU chip into this tiny space which can ‘translate’ the protocol of Sony to Nikon so that the AUTOFOCUS, AUTO-APERTURE and LENS STABILISATION functions can all be retained.
Both AF-S, AF-C and MF mode will work on the Nikon Z6/Z7. Face and Eye detection, EXIF reading, Timelapse function can also be supported. Phase-detect AF is used and therefore the AF speed is on par with using native Z mount lenses on the cameras. Firmware is upgradable via separate lens dock (Included for FREE).

* Samyang / Rokinon lenses are currently NOT supported. This may change in future firmware update.
*18 Jun update: Sigma AF lenses are now supported!

Нещо любопитно, което можеше да се очаква предвид 2мм предимство на Z mount.
AF адаптер за E mount обективи към Nikon Z камери.
Цена от $249 на официалния сайт, но варира в eBay.

https://techartpro.com/product/techart- ... er-tze-01/

https://nikonrumors.com/2019/06/18/shot ... ping.aspx/

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